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WELCOME to the 2018 BAC In House Volleyball Season!


Go to bacsports.org and click on the orange REGISTER NOW icon to get started!


We have made some exciting changes to In House Volleyball this year...we hope you like them!


Fun with Volleyball - girls going into 2nd grade.  The girls will learn the basics of volleyball - passing, setting, hitting and serving.  It is a fun introduction to the game of volleyball.  PARENT VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED!


In House Volleyball - girls going into 3rd & 4th grade.  This will build on what the girls learned in Fun with Volleyball last year.  More practice at passing, setting, hitting and serving.  There will be some actual games played at this level.  It is a fun way to improve their skills and understand the way the game is played at a higher level. No need to have participated in Fun with Volleyball last year....join us this year and have some fun!  You'll catch up quickly! PARENT VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED!


Fall League - girls going into 5th thru 8th grade.  This is different than in the past.  ALL GIRLS will play on a Fall League team!  No tryouts!  Girls will be put on teams depending on their grade - 5th & 6th grade players will play at the 12U level with 7th & 8th graders playing at the 14U level.  There will be 6 weekend playdates.  These are:  September 15, 22 OR 23, 29, October 6, 13 and 27 at Midwest Volleyball Warehouse in Burnsville.  Play can start as early as 7:30am or go as late as 7:30 pm.  Girls will play 2 back-to-back matches on these dates.  This is a GREAT introduction to competitivvolleybe all as well as a little taste of what playing at the high school level feels like.  Also, it is my understanding that those 7th & 8th graders that make a high school team (9A, 9B or B Squad only) can also play in this league!  Just that much more court time!  We will have paid coaches at this level....but parents are still encouraged to help out!


So, register NOW and come have some fun with us!